The Realign Team

Development Diary

While each of us had a specific role and took the lead with particular parts of the project, we also all contributed to research, brainstorming, design planning - even if just giving feedback on various iterations of elements of the final product. Throughout our project, we kept a blog to document our development process. You can read about the work behind the final product you see here on our project blog.

Kevin Carolan

Kevin Carolan

Kevin is our project manager. Among many other tasks he kept track of everything that needed to be done, managed our communication channels, and took final responsibility for much of our written work. In addition he took lead in communication with outside organisations, liaising for instance with Shine and arranging and attending our focus group sessions. He made a sizeable contribution to our original research and literature review, to sound design, planning and execution of the photo shoots.

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Thomas Noone

ThomasThomas threw his considerable talent into the artwork for our project. Starting with the planning phase, he collaborated with Julia to determine the look, feel, and colour scheme of our project. He worked tirelessly to tweak our logo until we had it perfect, then moved on to the artwork for the infographic and posters. Thomas created every image, producing digital art files suitable for every part of the project, and also suitable for printing for our physical installation.


Julia Walsh

Julia WalshJulia is in charge of photography. The portrait photographs in our project are her creations: planning, site selection, and camera work. She collaborated with Kevin to plan the mini documentary, and is responsible for the filming and editing of our video. Working with Thomas, she also took care of animation of the infographic, and did sound design work on both the video and the infographic. In our design phase, she planned the look and feel of our project, and performed a substantial amount of our original research.

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Nadia Williams

Nadia WilliamsNadia is the project's web developer. She took responsibility for setting up the content management system, customisation using the standard tools, and further customisation through CSS edits. As an experienced author, she also made sure our written work was well crafted. Working with Kevin, Nadia also made a substantial contribution to our literature review, and to part of our original research.

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