The Myths

Split Personality:

Many people think schizophrenia is split personality. That is not the case. This misunderstanding could have come about because of the name chosen for the condition, which is based on the Greek for split, and mind. That refers, however, to a separation between the mind and its ability to accurately perceive reality. If you want to learn the facts about schizophrenia, click here.

Violence, Aggression, Crime:

People who live with schizophrenia are not dangerous. They are not the deranged criminals they are so often portrayed as in the media. Instead, they manage a condition similar to diabetes, but affecting the brain instead of insulin-producing cells. It's serious, and it needs lifelong care and management, but it does not turn people into monsters. Get the facts about schizophrenia here.

Schizophrenia turns you into someone different:

Just like people are still the same people if they are hurt in an accident or suffer from heart disease, people don't change forever if they are diagnosed with schizophrenia. While they are experiencing severe symptoms, their thoughts are indeed disrupted and their emotions confused, but with treatment this can be brought under control. Get accurate information about schizophrenia here.

Schizophrenia can't be treated:

The belief that schizophrenia is a life sentence is wrong. With treatment, those living with this condition can recover and return to being amazing, productive and contributing members of society. Schizophrenia need not be all there is to a person, instead, it can be just one aspect of their life. It also doesn't need to be the dominant aspect of their life. Click here to learn the facts.